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A Mental Konmari of Sorts

Lensology is a mental konmari that enables you to intellectually see how to see- what you previously were not able to see what was even in front of your naked eyes
- with fresh pairs of internal spectacles that which you see not using your old pair
Lensology is like Owndays, but for your inner eyes.Lensology offers you no new information, except a measured process on how to organize it, while discarding excess.Lensology is not about learning more. It's about discerning how each one of us uses a specific lens to see everything and react solely based on that.We explain how the filters of human mind work to make you brilliant, not at judging people and events, but at discerning them. Not at blindly looking at information, but at processing it, with awareness.We specifically designed this course for those dealing with information overload about life, human identity, and variants of truth.This 10-week course aims to give you a sense of intellectual peace and clarity by exploring- different lenses different people put on (without realising they are), and
- how these lenses affect how they live, behave, relate, and accept things as truth or untruth.
We teach you how to think clearly, how to understand where people are coming from when they speak their truth and when they do what they do.Lensology is a precise, delightful, and unique Online Course — you’ll feel like you are in the Matrix, but not a part of it.



Lensology is both a theory and a method of understanding people, ideas and information by identifying the lens through which they see and interpret things.. with the end goal of better understanding yourself.This whole e-course explores the Universal Lenses of Life. Lenses are intellectual eyes via which individuals interpret everything they see, hear or read.Lenses are neutral and their bearers are not meant to be judged as good or bad. Rather, they are discernment tools to help you process information consciously and in turn gain intellectual clarity when trying to understand people, ideas, concepts, events, yourself, life and even God.You are going to intellectually explore the six universal lenses of life and begin to be able to identify the lense(s) that resonate with you the most. It will also help you understand the lenses of those around you or people you have heard of, known or read about but were unable to resonate with their worldviews.



Lensology evolved from repeated cycles of teaching the biography of Prophet Muhammad many years ago.Initially delivered from a singular perspective using popular sources, it gradually expanded and reached unexpected breakthroughs.Two facts were discovered. First, some stories from the same source were not as popular as some others.Second, there were versions of the same story that contradict one another.The question thus arose: which one was more accurate? Who determined what should be written in the historical records and what should be left out? Thereafter, many other questions surfaced.References were just too many. Why are some not written in one, but the other?Why are some made so popular as if they are the only truth while other versions are made redundant?Even more significant was the question: why are people fighting over it? Why do different people only read and comprehend certain books while other books are invisible to their eyes even when put in front of them?Why do different teachers teach the same thing in different ways?These questions led to the mapping and categorising of references and their sources, writers of biographies and perspectives of people who teach others about life and the truth they see, that others don't.Authors, scholars, leaders and writers were stripped of their labels and grouped according to Lenses.Soon, we discovered these Lenses are universal. They can be applied to any discipline, any topic, any field, and any sphere of life. Not just religion.



Lensology is not for you if you are the type of person who never reads, never enjoys reading, and who only derives or takes in information from PEOPLE.You have to love reading to benefit from Lensology.

"I found Lensology when I was looking to start afresh in my understanding and practicing of my religion. Lensology has opened my eyes in ways that all the other courses and classes I have attended have never done. My perspective shifts to wider angles. Lensology is where every piece falls into place for the better. :) I love you all, thank you so much for doing this!" ~Mimi

"I'm enjoying reading on Lensology 1.0. Very well written, Laoshi and Habape! The way you write shows how patient and detailed you are in covering all aspects such that the reader grasps your meaning!" ~Hanum



"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."This course is crafted for you. You may think all you see is all there is. But once you embark on this intellectual adventure, you will suddenly see multiple perspectives where many things begin to look clearer and clearer and clearer.





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Course Description

Lensology is a derivation of the full Soul Explorer 1-year Program conducted since 2014. As we went through teaching and delivering the lessons, we have come to realize that this stuff takes time to digest.As such, we are offering only the first crucial part of the entire program and let our participants decide for themselves if they can take it and want to explore further.This first part is Lensology 1.0 - the Universal Lenses of Life. The other parts are offered as advanced Lensology courses for students who have passed and demonstrated excellent understanding of basic Lensology.Lensology is both theory and technique of understanding people, ideas and information by identifying the lens through which they see and interpret things.This whole e-course explores the Universal Lenses of Life. Lenses are intellectual eyes via which individuals interpret everything they see, hear or read. Lenses are neutral and their bearers are not meant to be judged as good or bad. Rather, they are discernment tools to help you process information consciously and in turn gain intellectual clarity when trying to understand people, ideas, concepts and events. You are going to intellectually explore these universal lenses: The Lens 1s; The Lens 3s; The Lens 5s; The Lens 2s and 4s; and the sixth lens. While going through this, you might begin to be able to identify the lense(s) that resonate with you the most. It will also help you understand the lenses of those around you or people you have heard, known or read about but were unable to resonate with their worldviews.

Course Objectives

This course is aimed at exploring different lenses people put on when it comes to learning, communicating and relating to others so that you can make informed decisions when it comes to finding answers to your own pressing questions about life, choosing a teacher, a school, a life principle to hold on to, or the like.It also aims at helping you to confidently discern truth from falsehood, put an end to mental or intellectual confusion and ambiguity, live life with clarity and purpose; with peace of mind and heart.This course offers the basic pillars and tools for you to connect the dots on your own. You will learn through examples of applying them but will not be imposed with answers.Each individual has a dominant lens via which he creates meanings and makes decisions in life. Here, we specifically explore available lenses - which are universal- out there that have been used for ages to classify information.The lenses we are going to explore include religious lenses (because we come from thick and deep religious background). This course is created by two heads. One is a result of years of trying to help people by solving their problems and make them happy by being a religious teacher and the other a result of rigorous scouring of own curiosity about how life works and how and when religion comes in. Our lensologist is here to show you “how it all make sense”.Through this course, you will be given the opportunity to experience how it looks like to view the world in each of these lenses. It would be useful (critical, in fact) to mention beforehand what this course is not about:It is not about different religions or sects within a religion, even though these may be touched on for the purpose of demonstrating lenses;It is not about personality or character traits;It is not about labelling or judging people or groups (always, always, always bear this in mind);It is not a religious course though you may get a great deal of education while going through the course;It is NOT advocating any particular group(s) within any community - be they religious groups, liberal humanist groups, agnostic atheist groups - nor do this course has any particular political or religious affiliation to any organisation.You will not get spiritual enlightenment as this course only aims at intellectual realisation, which can be a significant door to higher consciousness.

Course Outline

There are 7 milestones to be reached in this 50-day adventure:Milestone 1: Lenses and The Lens OnesDay 01: What does a “lens” mean? Part I
Day 02: What does a “lens” mean? Part II
Day 03: Who are the Lens Ones (L1)? Part 1
Day 04: Who are the Lens Ones (L1)? Part 2
Day 05: Common Features of Lens One
Milestone 2: The Lens ThreesDay 06: Who are the Lens Threes (L3)
Day 07: L3 versus L1 Reasoning (Part 1) The Sheep
Day 08: L3 versus L1 Reasoning (Part 2)
The Santa Clause
Day 09: L3 versus L1 Reasoning (Part 3) The Moon Sighting
Day 10: Common Features of Lens Three
Milestone 3: The Lens Twos and Its Adjacent LensesDay 11: Who are the Lens Twos (L2)?
Day 12: How does a Lens 2 fit into its adjacent lenses?
Day 13: The Unconscious Purpose of a Lens 2
Day 14: The 'Camel Hump'
Milestone 4: The Left Lenses and Their ShadesDay 15: The Left Lenses in Perspective
Day 16: Lens 1's Shades (L1-2)
Day 17: Lens 1's Shades (L1-3)
Day 18: Lens 3's Shades (L3-2) Part 1
Day 19: Lens 3's Shades (L3-2) Part 2
Day 20: Lensology Quiz 2.0
Day 21: Lens 3's Shades (L3-1)
Day 22: Lens 1-Dominant vs Lens 1 Shades (Part 1)
Day 23: Lens 1-Dominant Vs Lens 1 Shades (Part 2)
Day 24: Follower vs Treader Lenses
Day 25: Lens 2's Shades
Day 26: Another Look at Lens 2 Shades Christmas
Day 27: Wrapping Up the Left Lenses
Milestone 5: The Lens Fives Day 28: Who are the Lens Fives (L5)? Part 1
Day 29: Who are the Lens Fives (L5)? Part 2
Day 30: Lens 5 vs Lens 1
Day 31: The Lens of the Prophet
Day 32: How Do Lens 5s Think? Part 1
Day 33: How Do Lens 5s Think? Part 2
Day 34: What Lens 5 Is Not
Day 35: The Core Lenses
Milestone 6: The Lens FoursDay 36: Who Are The Lens Fours
Day 37: The Researcher Lens Methods and Premises
Day 38: The Researcher Lens
Research Process
Day 39: Lens 4 versus Lenses 1 & 2 Earthquake
Day 40: Lens 4 and its adjacent lenses
Milestone 7: Case Study, Lens 6 and Wrap UpDay 41: Lensifying Practice (L1-5) Part 1
Day 42: Lensifying Practice (L1-5) Part 2
Day 43: Lensifying Practice (L1-5)
Part 3
Day 44: The Sixth Lens (L6)
Day 45: The Right Lenses
Day 46: Lenses and Thinking - A Bird's Eye View
Day 47: Wrap up
Day 48-50: Q&A, Discussions.
Lessons may be modified to serve students' needs.

Course Structure

QuestionnaireUpon successful registration, you will receive a questionnaire to help us better understand your background and/or if there are any specific things you would like to explore, or questions you have been pondering about.DurationThe course will then commence with daily lessons posted on the course main navigation page. You will be notified via email as soon as each lesson is available. Private access passcode will be given to you on the first lesson and after you have taken and pass each quiz.Lessons will be posted everyday for 50 days on weekdays. (Save the weekends and public holidays for reflecting and "lensifying").Tailored to PaceCourse contents and lessons aren't cast in stone. Depending on students' level of understanding, we may write additional contents to expand and explain in new ways we find suitable and easier for them to grasp. However, we do not delay our lessons to wait for students who deliberately delayed their readings and are left far behind.Bite-sized daily lessonWe know our students are busy. So instead of sending 10 - 15 pages of contents full of concepts and maps at one go, we deliver in small chunks so that it feels like a conversation rather than a workload.QuizAfter about every 10 lessons, there will be a quiz you need to pass before being given the next password to access subsequent lessons. It is important to not delay reading your lesson for the day. It takes less than 10 minutes to read each lesson per day.Question and AnswerThroughout the 10-week adventure, you can ask unlimited questions via the course page or privately via email to the instructor.Terms of AgreementParticipants are not allowed to share passcodes, forward, or share the contents of the course with any person(s) who is not registered for the course. Lensology is an exclusive course meant only for approved, paid and registered participants. Family members need to register separately as we need to know who our students are. Participants found to share our links or contents without our prior permission will be banned from accessing the course without refund.

Course Fees

(or two payments of $100 and $150)

Course Dates

4th July 2021


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Course Background

This course was originally an outcome of teaching several courses on the biography of Prophet Muhammad many years ago.Initially, the sirah workshops were taught based on selected popular sources. Towards the final round of intakes, two facts were discovered. First, some stories from the same source were not as popular as some others. Second, there were versions of the same story.The question was, which one was the truth? Another important question was who determined what should be written in the historical records and what should be left out? Thereafter, many other questions surfaced.References were just too many. Why are some not written in the other? Why are some made so popular as if they are the only truth while other versions of the story existed as well? And more importantly, why are people fighting over it? Why do different people read different kinds of sirah books?The quick answer to that is: Lenses.
So we discussed and grouped authors, scholars and writers according to Lenses instead of labels attached to them. Soon, we discovered these Lenses are universal. They can be applied to any discipline, any topic, any field, any sphere of life.
Most importantly, it helped us help some participants who had so many questions surrounding the topics. They were frustrated for not getting answers they sought after having attended so many religious classes and personal development courses. So we put it all together and created this online program.It is not easy to list down the uses of this course. This course is in essence an intellectual adventure. It may or may not change your perspective depending on your intent. It may or may not improve your life depending on the lens you put on.If you have been thirsty for more - beyond what you would have received in any religious classes, personal development courses or intellectual discourses, Soul Explorer™ is for you. Imagine how it feels when you have attended each and every class, listened to each and every kind of teacher, read all kinds of books, and then you can finally see clearly how they are all connected. But in order to experience that, you must be willing to climb up high. Only then will you be able to view everything from all corners.Our intent in making this program is to help you get the intellectual satisfaction as you see it, as you want it. We had to go through this exploration in the hardest way and in the longest time of our lives to share them all with you in this course. We have no idea what sort of lens you have. All you have to do is to come on board and observe.

"The only way to live in a better world is to encourage children to think in non-linear way."

"Giving answers to children can mean locking their minds or their ability to think critically.. If you have an inquiring mind, you are already expanding your mind." ~Lensology I


Thuraiya Laoshi

Co-Developer and course writer of Lensology (formerly known as Soul Explorer program). She was in a local full-time madrasah for 13 years while attending two other part-time and weekend madrasahs. She spent another 7 years studying abroad to obtain an honours degree in History and Civilisations with a minor in Islamic Studies as well as a Master degree in Education majoring in curriculum development and instruction from the International Islamic University in Malaysia where she wrote a thesis on Islamization of knowledge as she was heavily exposed to the work of Syed Naquib al-Attas. During her stay, she joined different student societies among which are: the debating club, the Quranic youth club being its Tahfiz program participant and member, the History students forum as an Exco member, the Singapore Students Association as Vice President and the Postgraduate Students Society as Secretary General.She was born into a strictly practicing Muslim family which, though heavily geared towards Sufi orientation, was also interestingly influenced by some "salafi/wahabi" teachings. Once a devoted thariqah follower, she joined a student group during her university days whose activities resemble the ideals of Muslim Brotherhood - actively involved with Israel-Palestine conflict awareness campaigns.Much of her earlier working life is devoted to teaching Islamic Studies to children, teenagers and adults in a family-owned private weekend Islamic School, and in a few mosques. She was a member of the local association of religious clerics and was involved in many of its fund raising activities and training programs. She had experienced working in a mosque as a religious officer, a translator and researcher at a think tank institute, independent writer and researcher focusing on the study of causes of religious extremism and radicalism. She had published several articles in local newspapers and journals throughout the years.After having children, as a typical mother, she looked after her children while working as a freelancer distributing and selling online products. While teaching ad-hoc religious classes and courses (mainly sirah or biography of the Prophet) she explored the world of online business, MLM, education consulting, and the sort. She has also been exposed to healing theories and practices since teenagehood, initially exploring how to clear up curses or dark magic using religious methods. Some of the courses in personal development she studied include the Enneagram, The Work of Byron Katie, Awakening The Illuminated Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Soul Healing, Intuition Training, the Teaching of Thinking, Levels of Energy, and others. Currently, apart from writing and raising children, she conducts courses on emotional healing and offers distant energy clearing services online.None from the above, however, is going to be taught in Lensology. The purpose of sharing this background is so that you have an idea of where we come from. It is those experiences and exposure, not the contents, that contributed to understanding different lenses of life, connecting the dots, and widening our perspectives.

Habape Redzuan

Currently teaching deep Arabic, he had worked for a total of 10 years as a jihadism analyst in RSIS, a madrasah curriculum reviewer in Muis, an Arabic language curriculum developer at a language centre, and an Arabic language teacher at Pergas. He has religious educational experience spanning 20 years, having an MA in Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies (Jakarta), a BA in Islamic Law (Cairo), and a diploma in Islamic Studies (Kelantan). He was in Aljunied Islamic School (Singapore) for 5 years before getting a scholarship to study in Kuwait for 5 years in a religious high school and 3 years of university studies in Arabic language and literature.Along the way, he picked up some life skills via certifications from NLP Academy (UK), International Academy of Personal Development (Kuwait), Black Flag Wing Chun (US) and Medical Intuition System (Singapore). He also attended, in 1989, sessions in advanced grammar with Shaykh Omar Al-Khatieb, one of the most learned scholars in the world. And for 4 months in 2013, he lived near a modern pondok in Kota Bharu to study hadith (from the Six Books - Sunan Sittah) under the tutelage of Maulana Asri Yusof, one of the most learned hadith scholars in the world. He is also currently involved in peace activism with Dr Salah Al-Rashed, the psychologist-philosopher of the Middle East who is the dean of International Academy of Personal Development - an institution that is creating positive shockwaves across the Middle East.Never did he realize that all the above experience were to prepare him for what was to come. While his formal studies ended in 2011, his “real life studies” only fully began in 2012. That was when he realised that everything he learned in prior was mostly information. And that his deep longing was for “real knowledge and true realisation”. Once he realised what he needed were, in a large part, some pairs of lenses with which to look at life, he stopped “worshipping information”, and began appreciating “true knowledge” by uncovering one intellectual realisation after another. This is the very process he seeks to share with you.




You have explored all the lenses in the universe. By now you should be able to understand why and how people can be closed minded but they think they are open, and vice versa.It's time to sharpen your mind. First, you understand the different lenses. Second, you understand how lenses "decide" what determines truth.This course may sound technical and descriptive but the benefit of going through this course diligently and seriously will make you able to analyse cause and effect of issues on the planet. You will walk out of this course with an ability to comprehend things unbiasedly.If you yourself have been living in a confused state and feeling constantly anxious about your beliefs and wondering if you are on the right or wrong side, you are actually suffering from either lack of information or information overload or both.This course will walk you through one step at a time, and help you organise your thoughts so that your fears and anxiety or confusion about life and people can be sorted in a state of clarity.

Course Description

Course Objectives

Course Outline, Structure and Details



Lensology II is the second derivation of the full Soul Explorer Program conducted since 2014. If you are reading this, you probably have just finished the entire Lensology 1, an exploration on the Universal Lenses of Life.Understanding different lenses is not complete without exploring the mechanisms or determinants of truth.What and who determines what and who is true?
What makes us believe and accept something as true?
What avoids us from believing and accepting something to be true?
Topics surrounding identifying Truth and Facts will be presented via a concept or issue within the religion and popular culture as a case study. You will explore each and every mechanism or determinant of Truth. The eight different determinants of truth will be explored here and used to look into why there are different sects within a religion; why family members can have opposite perspectives; why and how it can be possible for two individuals to read the same line while having opposing interpretations of it.In Lensology I, you have already explored most of the mechanisms discussed here. But they were explored as premises of lenses, not as standalone mechanisms of truth.This course in Determinants of Truth (DOT) seeks to go in depth into issues concerning authority, absolutism, and relativity with special focus on the Muslim world and the historicity of Islam and Muslim. Basically it's about who determines what, and how.DOT will use religion and related issues as its special reference for this exploration. As such, participants are expected to remain as objective as possible and maintain the role as an observer as you explore the milestones.

Course Objectives

This course is aimed at exploring a list of mechanisms through which people determine something is true. Even after knowing the limits and parameters of each of the universal lenses, your idea of determinant of Truth can prevent you from achieving clarity when processing certain information.Through this course, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on each mechanism/determinant; how it is responsible for the progression or regression of one's life, and how it affects one's state of mind and emotion.Just like all other courses in Lensology, it would be useful (critical, in fact) to mention beforehand what this course is not about: It is not about different religions or sects within a religion, even though these may be touched on for the purpose of demonstrating lenses; It is not about personality or character traits; It is not about labelling or judging people or groups (always, always, always bear this in mind); It is not a religious course though you may get a great deal of education while going through the course;* It is NOT advocating any particular group(s) within any community - be they religious groups, liberal humanist groups, agnostic atheist groups - nor do this course has any particular political or religious affiliation to any organisation.You will not get spiritual enlightenment as this course only aims at intellectual realisation, which can be a significant door to higher enlightenment.This course is essentially an exploration that requires you to play the role of an 'observing explorer'.

Course Outline

Milestone 1:
Truth, Fact and Story

[DAY 01 - DAY 03]
Milestone 2:
Determinants of Truth

[DAY 04 - DAY 29]
Milestone 3: Wrap Up
The Meeting Point between Lenses and Determinants
[Day 30]
Revisions/Summaries I - IV

There are 8 DOTs to be explored in this course.Topics discussed include truth according to different lenses.As mentioned, religious issues and topics surrounding origin and authenticity will be explored for the purpose of illustration. Just like Universal Lenses, knowledge of DOT is applicable to other domains and life settings.COURSE DELIVERYDaily bite sized write-up sent daily via email in 30 weekdays.Quizzes will be posted every two weeks to revise before advancing to subsequent milestones.DetailsDuration: 30 daysDates: 29th July - 6 Sep 2019Fees: $190Prerequisite: You must have successfully graduated from the basic course: Lensology I - The Six Universal Lenses of Life.Register by Wednesday, 24th July 2019 to be included in the list.

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Welcome on board again..

Now that you have explored the first two courses in Lensology, you might be wondering:Where is God in this whole map of universal lenses and determinants of truth?
What or who governs our life?
How does each lens understand the concepts of sin and reward (dosa-pahala) and heaven and hell?
The fear of punishment, the burden of believing one has committed a sin and the anxiety of not knowing whether or not one is forgiven - these are the thoughts that occupy the most of our minds and take the most of our time.
Most people have no idea these hidden thoughts of fear and anxiety are actually draining their energy. Yet, they are helpless as there is nothing they can do about it.
That’s because it has been fixed into their minds that:
Each and every human being is bounded by laws.  
But what kind of laws?Read on..

In the previous intake of Lensology, we delivered lessons on universal laws of life where we discussed laws of life as universal - and having nothing to do with lenses.Now as I reread the course, it seems to me that the thing that haunts the most people was not talked about.That 'thing' is the constant, hidden fear and anxiety of being burdened by guilt of having committed sins or breaking some religious laws.Are these laws really made to make human guilty?Which lens create or retrieve these laws and for whom are these laws created for?Who do these laws serve?Stay calm and do not worry. We are not teaching you to be rebellious against any law.Just like lenses, laws are neutral. It is the bearers of lens and how laws affect them that we are going to talk about and explore in this course.Some people reject their religion just because of its laws. Some rebel against it because they think they can be free from any restrictions.What they know not is they will soon find out that there is no point rebelling as they can never run away or set themselves free from the laws of life.These laws are the very universal laws we are going to explore. You will be surprised how religions can be wrong but right, or right but wrong.Right But Wrong is a very important concept we have learned in Lensology II.In the upcoming Lensology III, we are going to discover a number of RBW scenarios.


Topics:Part 1: Lenses and Laws.- What are the laws of life?
- Documented vs Experienced Laws
- Religious laws according to different lenses: purpose, how they are derived, how and who they serve.
Part 2: Basic universal laws of life.
- The laws of intention (niat), request, prayer, gratitude.
- The laws of attention, resistance, attraction.
- The laws of faith, confidence, success.
- The laws of karma/merit
- The laws of challenge, test, responsibility.
- The laws of attachment and detachment.
- The one law the cuts through all universal laws.
Topics presented depends on students' pace.


To explore universal laws of life through universal lenses of life to achieve intellectual clarity and thus confidently live with guilt-free, worry-free, anxiety-free and fear-free mind.

DATESThis course has ended. Follow Peaceminders on Facebook to get updates on the next intake.DURATION40 Week DaysFEES
(Or initial payment of $160 for the first month)
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Welcome to the next adventure

This programme is designed for students who have completed all levels of Lensology courses I - III.To enrol, click on the green button above or scroll down to learn more.

Levels of Consciousness

YOU HAVE LEARNED all about universal lenses of life. You have understood that each person has a unique dominant lens regardless of who their parents or acquaintances are. You have also learned the mechanisms or the channels through which truths are determined. You can now understand why a truth determinant of a lens may or may not also be a truth determinant of another. By that, you can now understand, why in every religion or religious sect, there are many different varieties of rules and laws; and why it would be rather futile to prove one's truth to another especially without understanding their lens or DOT.In the third advanced level of Lensology, you have understood how laws of life emerged out of lenses, and how interpretations of Scripture are dependent on one's lens and DOT.It is now up to you, if you wish, to choose which part resonates with you.But what if you can resonate with certain lenses but you still feel unsettled? What if you resonate with everything and can't decide a path you would like to take?Or..What if you want to consciously shift your lens but all you can do is to take a peek through Lensology and that's all?Now, this is where LOC comes in.In terms of Lenses, LOC is a product of the sixth lens. If we are talking about "choosing a path" or shifting lenses, we have no other better way than borrowing the six's shades.WHAT IS LOC?Levels of Consciousness are humans' levels of awareness. If lenses limit your ability to process or find information beyond your lens' capacity, your level of consciousness explains why you would remain in your lens or why you are unable to shift; why you are pulled back from shifting; or why are you still not feeling complete or fully at peace (resulting from the feeling that you do not know enough, read enough, or do enough).

CAN WE REACH THE "FEEL OF ENOUGH"?Yes, we can! (at the tune of Bob The Builder) We definitely can.In Lensology 1.0, we have learned that one can only shift into another dominant lens (not to confuse with taking another lens as a shades) through deliberate and conscious effort of seeking knowledge.WHAT IS SEEKING KNOWLEDGE?Seeking knowledge is not reading thousands of books or joining a hundreds of courses or consuming as much content as possible.We are not saying that books and courses is not important or wrong. We are saying that that is not the one definite way to shift to a wider lens. Nobody has ever been able to read all the books in the world and learning about everything just by reading or attending schools.In the far left Muslim World, we are often duped into thinking that a cleric who is able to quote from books must have read all the books in the world. The more he quotes, the more it proves that he or she has read all the book in the world regarding the subject he or she is teaching. Having gone through Lensology courses from basic to advanced, you have now understood that all lenses read, but the depth of one's knowledge is not determined by the extent of books, content, data and information one has in one's head, but by the lens and DOT through which one knowledge is obtained.If one's depth is limited by one's lens and the DOTs accompanying it, how then would anyone be able to make a phenomenal lens shift - from just taking shades when it's convenient to actually shift to a wider lens?In LOC, seeking knowledge means identifying what's blocking us from it and removing the blocks. These blocks are not represented in terms of textual information or content knowledge, but in terms of energy and emotions. This is the very thing you are going to explore in this course. Sounds good?


OBJECTIVETo understand the levels of self as identified and/or discovered by the far right.Part 1: Unlearning LOC (Approx. 20 week days) | Format: Online [daily write-up/reading]The Far Left are the inheritors and interpreters. They do not experience or obtain anything from their own intuition or personal experience. Because their 'textbooks' are traceable to a far right initiator, they would have in their hands, a textual equivalent (not contextual) of what the far right would discover about the reality of consciousness.In the first level of LOC, we are going to focus on unlearning the scattered and/or misconstrued teachings on levels of consciousness, particularly in the far left world. Our objective here is to unlearn.Part 2: Levels of Energy and Consciousness. (Approx. 20 week days) | Format: Online [daily write-up/reading]Once we have explored the various concepts of consciousness, we can now better understand how the sixth lens synthesises of the levels of human consciousness and energy: what they mean and how we can use it to improve our selves.Part 3: LOC Live Session (Approx. 4 hours) | Format: Live Presentation, practical lessons and discussion.This will be a wrap up and demonstration session to practice and discuss further from what we have learned.

Some concepts to unlearn/relearn in LOC:Far LeftNafs
Far RightEnergyConsciousnessEmotionsLevels of consciousnessMeasuring and transcending one's level of consciousness

>> DATES <<LOC Part 1
20 Weekdays
(July 15 - August 9, 2019)
LOC Part 2
20 Weekdays
(October 2 - 31, 2019)
LOC Live Class
To be determined at a later date
>> FEES <<
Part 1: $150
Part 2: $150
Part 3: $155
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A 12-week online course on emotional self-healing for raising consciousness.It's all about diving deep into yourself: cleanse, declutter and ascend your consciousness to a higher level through reading, applying and practicing Letting Go and Surrendering Techniques (and more!)...

Designed, written and guided by Shaya, emotional energy clearing and intuitive healing practitioner at emohealing.com, author, and writer of online courses on clarity in thinking and higher consciousness (Lensology) at peaceminders.com

Why ascend consciousness?

If you have taken my other courses (Lensology & LOC) and you understood the contents well, you would know that ascending to a higher consciousness is the ultimate goal of every soul. There are many paths to achieve higher consciousness. Same goal, different paths, different zones, and different timelines.Letting go is one of the many paths, and it may take an entire lifetime. You are not going to be enlightened by taking this course. Rather, you will learn a new way of living so that life, for you will be a journey of ascension, rather than stagnance or a cycle of recurring issues.

What is this course about?

In LOC, you have learned that peace, freedom, and happiness at higher levels are attained effortlessly (instead of deliberate actions). You have learned that this attainment is not achieved by "climbing up a ladder" or by physically "doing" something. Rather, it is achieved, first, through UNDOING. This programme is all about undoing: letting go and surrendering. You will learn how to undo via reading and experiencing.The programme will be running from May 19, 2021 to August 7th, 2021. You will receive an email once a week for reading assignments and instructions of practices/exercises to do for a week.

How is it going to be done exactly in this course?

This is an Applied Reading Programme: you will apply and practice what you read, instead of only reading and learning some techniques.The course structure is as follow:1. You will be given access to the course page containing a schedule of pages to read from a book which is to be completed within a week.2. At the end of each week, I will send you a write up of summary and/or reflections from the week's reading and activities.3. You will read and apply the practices on each week before continuing with subsequent reading assignments.4. The activities will all be about applying emotional release techniques, letting go of thoughts and self-limiting beliefs, and surrendering practice.5. There will be an online platform for discussions, release, emotional release, support and sharing.
Update: for this intake, there will not be any chatgroup support as I am not able to facilitate it. However, course participants can interact with each other on the course page. There will be some zoom meetings on some weeks (course schedule will be given to registered participants).
6. Two main books will be used for this programme:

BOOK 1: "Letting Go" by David R. Hawkins"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."— Lao TzuThis is one of the two main books we are going to use for the reading programme. It's all about removing ("undoing") inner blocks caused by unresolved emotions.Letting Go is a practical book. As you have learned, Dr David Hawkins used a L6 approach to produce this work. Which means, this serves as a map to help you rise above your dominant level of consciousness.If you have taken Lensology and LOC courses, you will realise that spirituality, closeness to God, soul freedom, or whatever you call it, is not about what you wear or what you identify yourself with. Rather, it's all about something that is very close and intimate within: emotions.BOOK 2: "The Surrender Experiment" by Michael Singer"My formula for success was very simple: Do whatever is put in front of you with all your heart and soul without regard for personal results. Do the work as though it were given to you by the universe itself - because it was.” - Michael A. SingerWhat would it be like if you humble yourself as a servant, and treat everything that comes to you as a commandment that you have to obey and execute, because they are all happening for you (rather than to you)?This book is written from the fifth lens (L5). It's all about surrendering as experimented by the author himself. We will go through this after we are done with the first.

Who can join this course?

This course (CS01) was initially designed for those who had taken all my previous courses from Lensology - the Universal Lenses of Life to Levels of Consciousness III.There will be some references made to Lensology and LOC in the course write ups. However, they are very few and are not necessary for everyone to understand in order to gain a full benefit from this course.CS01 is now open to all who are invited to enrol regardless. This time round it will be self-paced and independent, yet it will be so easy to follow as everything has been arranged for you. You just need to plan when to read and apply the practices. Access will be removed by the end date of the course and you will not be able to view the course page anymore. However, you will be sent a PDF copy of the course contents when you submit your feedback and progress report at the end of the course.


"I become more connected with my emotions (feel where it is in my body) and can identify what serves me and what doesn't.I'm not afraid to feel, even to feel angry. I understand that the emotion doesn't define me. I can choose to disregard or ignore the emotion and go back to my natural state, which is LOVE.I learn to observe thoughts and detach myself from them. I'm still fascinated by how us humans hold on to thoughts and transform them to be part of our identity and our lives.I meditate to always go inwards and activate that space of Unconditional Love, where I believe and feel there is enough love for me to share with everyone.The best thing about this course is the trainer (yes YOU!) who is adept in IQ and EQ, understanding, relatable, funny and loving." ~Camelia

"So many that I can feel but not articulate. Its like a recharge, rebirth - so much anxiety yet so comforting to learn the techniques. The write ups are the best of all the readings. It speaks so much to me. Every time. The group support is just amazing. Feel so safe to be vulnerable when everyone has the same objectives. EVERYTHING is good. about this course. " ~Ann

You will learn important techniques that you can use for a lifetime. Admission to the programme is only *$439 which includes 12 weeks of learning about the close relationships between emotions and your wellbeing, experiencing what a real letting go looks like, and a few zoom sessions where you can ask questions and hear from others.

*Instalment option and refresher fees available at registration page.


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